Gunday (2014) Hindi Movie Plot & Review

Synopsis: During the madness and horrors of 1971 war in Bangladesh, two teenage kids flee to Calcutta as refugees where, by the passage of time, they turn into formidable gangsters. At this point enters a charming girl and a true professional police officer and their lives are changed forever.

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Gunday (2014) Hindi Movie Plot & ReviewStory: Bikram and Bala were 12-years-old orphans when 1971 war erupted in Bangladesh. During the struggle to survive the wrath of warring forces of Bangladesh liberation groups and Pakistan army, they find their way to Calcutta where they are registered as refugees. With no option left, both the friends start their new life as small-time wagon breakers and coal thieves. Gradually they establish their position in the criminal underworld and time comes when they become the most feared gangsters, although there are many who love them. Their friendship is famous as an unbreakable bond. People begin to name this carefree duo as “Gunday”. However when the seductive Nandita steps into their lives, everything is changed. At the same time ACP Satyajeet Sarkar also starts to play his role as a true believer in the power of law. Their lives will never be the same any more.
Review: This movie pays full attention to character building. All the characters are endowed with their peculiar qualities. Bikram is all mind while Bala is the muscle in this criminal duo. Bikram is a charming personality who believes in sacrificing everything for those he loves. He is more mature than Bala who is impulsive, passionate and childish in his nature. Nandita throws her charms to the people from the cabaret floor. Her charismatic beauty takes no time to engulf the hearts of both the friends.
ACP Satyajeet Sarkaar is a notorious police officer who is a living legend in Calcutta. He doesn’t pay heed to laws while pursuing criminals and he never fails in his mission no matter how strong the gangster looks. He loves to remain one step ahead of his opponents.
However the historical facts are distorted to show that Bangladesh came into existence due to India’s war with Pakistan. There is no mention of the Bengali people who fought and gave sacrifices for the liberation of their country. This will surely be resented by the people of Bangladesh.

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  1. Kaniz says:

    The war was between Bangladesh and Pakistan . India supported the instruments to Bangladesh to help.. 3000000 people died in Bangladesh , and Bangladesh made their own name, not India .. At Gunday the concept was shown wrong at the beginning .. So not make history, say the truth and publish the truth ..

    • zinaK says:

      Firstly though the war was between bangladesh and pakistan it actually was a proxy war for india, secondly even after fighting pakistani forces for several months bangladesh was unable to get rid of them and thirdly if not for indian help bangladesh would not have been bangladesh and would have remained east pakistan. So start respecting the facts….it’ll be better for u!!!

      • Nahid says:

        india , one of the f**kest region in the world . their f**king culture & the f**king religion ” Hindus “make this subcontinent worst . if india don’t exist this place would be better for living .

  2. Jusef says:

    Very bad film ever cz this film totally insulted our country bangladesh liberation war 1971….

  3. Jusef says:

    I want to do a case on the director of this film

  4. Jusef says:

    We hate indiaa for this bad our hated!

  5. Biplob says:

    They just give wrong concept about our libaration war. They use as for commercial perpose. Hate it

  6. shuvo saha says:

    very bad film

  7. jacky pot says:

    it is against our liberation..we hate it.

  8. Shadat Moni says:

    Ali Abbas grow up..you need to know the true history before make film..Pakistan rapped us on 1971 rapped our (BANGLADESH) History once again..
    A big slap on your face…

    As well as yrf..The Indians has proven they are not our friend at all

    • inoM says:

      Yes we are not and it’ll be better if u realize that sooner and u know what, get ur immigrants the f**k out of india….!!

  9. Shadat Moni says:

    Ali Abbas grow up..you need to know the true history before make film..Pakistan rapped us on 1971 and you rapped our (BANGLADESH) History on2014 once again..
    A big slap on your face…

    As well as yrf..The Indians has proven they are not our friend at all

  10. MUNNA says:


  11. Sanjida Hasnin says:

    Gunday movie is based on distorted history. They are misleading audience about 1971 and also humiliating Bangladesh. 1971 war was the liberation war of Bangladesh against Pakistan and India supporter us during the war, which we as a nation always acknowledge. But India DIDNT bring independence to Bangladesh. Bangladesh (then called East Pakistan) started the war of independence on 26th March 1971 against Pakistan (then called West Pakistan) and got our victory on 16th December 1971. We’ve got our independence by the bloodshed of 3 million people of Bangladesh & countless sacrifices by many men and women. It’s outright disrespectful & plain lie how the story portrays Bangladesh & 1971.

    Shame on you! You should do your homework first before you try to commercialise history.

    • Abdullah says:

      Dear gets ur facts rite 1st its the biggest lie tht 30lac people killed and I guess u knw this if not true ask any elderly in ur family. 2nd from day one it was indo pak war.indian army has trained boatsmen fishermen farmers to fight with mare wooden stick in there hands.at end when indian army entrd in bangladesh within 3days they win otherwise what would be the history u knw.and to my surprise why suddenly you people mad abt just a movie where as whole life 90% ppl support Pakistan from cricket to products. Actually its not love for ur country bt hate for India lolz.71 hindu population of bangldesh was 23 % which is now squeeze to mare 7 % for this no Blogger or so calld facebook patriots coming forward. And abt gunday movie it was a flop movieyeshraj moves owes a thanks to u ppl whch is now a super hit movie due to the controversy created by u ppl

      • bangladeshi says:

        o Allah!in what world do you live in???are you educated or drunk???indo pak seperation was made n 1947…… Bangladesh wanted to be indepentend from pakistan in 1971…we have a long history behind it,,,if you know how to use internet,plz first enquiry about the Liberation War of Bangladesh….we have benn fihting for our independence since 1952 when we fighted for our mother tongue…..where was your so called trainer india then??????oh wait…..you people have so many languages…how will you understand the importance of mother tongue.forget it.we also fought in 1966.Our leader Sheikh Mujib Rahman lead us…..Pakistan government didn’t want to give power to our elected government Awami league.we protested it.Pakistan government killed many peoples at the nightof 25 march,1971.we started our fight immediately after that.The ensuing war was one of the shortest and bloodiest of modern times, with the Pakistan army occupying all major towns, using napalm against villages, and slaughtering and raping villagers. Bangladeshis refer to Pakistan’s brutal tactics as attempted genocide. India helped us,because many refugees were going there.Now dear fellow,in world war 2,US helped russia to fight against germany.now will you say,worl war 2 was between,Us and Germany.and russia is born as a result of that?……… Answer if you are not a stupid indian

      • Nizhum Nishi says:

        Are you an educated person? I think no…. Please read some books… better start from ABCD..as you don’t even have the basic knowledge about the history of our subcontinent. Even a child from standard one knows the fact. I will not be surprised if you say that India won Second world war by defeating the whole world. Really your imagination has no bounds……….and for your kind information Yash Raj studio has already apologized for projecting fake story.

  12. BANAFUL Roy says:

    it has changed the historic liberation war of 1971 in Bangladesh…. shame yashraj

  13. sheetal amir says:

    East Bengali refugees
    East Bengali Refugees are people that left East Bengal following the partition of Bengal, which was part of the independence of India and Pakistan in 1947. A majority of these refugees were Hindus.[1]

    In 1947, Bengal was partitioned into the Indian state of West Bengal and the Pakistani province of East Bengal. East Bengal was later renamed East Pakistan, which subsequently broke away from Pakistan to form the independent country of Bangladesh. Most of Sylhet district in Assam also joined East Pakistan and was subsequently considered to be East Bengal.

    The majority of East Bengali refugees settled in the new state of West Bengal, but a significant number[quantify] also moved to the Barak Valley of Assam and the princely state of Tripura which eventually joined India in 1949. Around 0.5 million were also settled in other parts of India, including the East Pakistan Displaced Persons’ Colony (EPDP) in Delhi (subsequently renamed Chittaranjan Park) and Orissa. The estimated 0.5 million Bengalis in Delhi and 0.3 million in Mumbai are also largely East Bengali refugees and their descendants.[2]

    The exact number of refugees has never been officially collected and estimates vary considerably.

    In the immediate aftermath of partition, commonly attributed figures suggest around 3 million East Bengalis migrating to India and 864,000 migrants from India to East Pakistan.[3] Indian government estimates suggest around 2.6 million migrants leaving East Bengal for India and 0.7 million migrants coming to East Pakistan from India.[4]

    Further migrationEdit
    In 1950, it is estimated that a further one million refugees crossed into West Bengal.[5] The 1951 Census of India recorded that 27% of Kolkata’s population was East Bengali refugees.[6]

    Migration continued, primarily from East Pakistan to India, right up to the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, both on an on-going basis and with spikes during periods of particular communal unrest such as the 1964 riots and the 1965 India-Pakistan War, when it is estimated that 600,000 refugees left for India.[7] Estimates of the number of refugees up to 1970 are over 5 million to West Bengal alone.[8] This includes around 4.1 million coming between 1946–1958 and 1.2 million coming between 1959 and 1971.[9]

    Another major influx came in 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War. It is estimated that around 10 million East Bengali refugees entered India during the early months of the war, of whom 1.5 million may have stayed back after Bangladesh became independent.[10]

    The outflow of Hindus from East Bengal had a particularly negative effect on the Hindu community of East Pakistan and subsequently Bangladesh, as a significant portion of the region’s educated middle class and political leadership left. The heights reached by many of the East Bengali migrants and their descendants, including Amartya Sen’s Nobel Prize and Megh Nad Saha’s pioneering work in Astrophysics are considerable.

  14. Easin kabir says:

    This is one of those worst movies
    you can hardy digest which are
    full of historically inappropriate,
    inaccurate and dumb events!!!

    I’ll rate this movie 0 out of 100

  15. joy says:

    Its stand on false history….

  16. Salim Mahmud says:

    When you work on something then you need to know the history in detail. After knowing the details then you can go ahead of it. But you people just depreciated of our liberation war without knowing it anything.

    “Gunday” movie is based on falsified history of Bangladesh. Shame on you and ! Shame on Yashraj Film also.

  17. hassan says:

    Totally bullshit movie. misleading our history. we hate u indian.

  18. gkghfyvjh says:

    it is one of the most f**king movie I’ve ever seen.. bloody hell indian…

  19. zaman says:

    most fu**ing movie………..you indian go to hell

  20. Meghla says:

    The war was held between Bangladesh n bloody pakistan. India just helped Bangladesh n that’s all. Pakistan lost the war with a great shame againt us. Bangladesh completely defeated pakies. It’s really very shame for india that they changed the history. The cowerd indians proved that they are also shameless. Its a Worst film ever. Imdb rating should go to ‘-ve’.

  21. Daddy of Gunday says:

    F**k U india…. Who the hell r u Ali abbas? Did u know our History??? Anyway, As a Bangladeshi i wanna say just 1 thing– F**k U Writer-Director-Hero all of you… Go to hell.. & suck the pen*s of Gunday

  22. shuvro says:

    False history. wORST MOVIE

  23. Abrar Fahim Nuhash says:

    The war was between
    Bangladesh and Pakistan .
    India supported the
    instruments to Bangladesh to
    help.. 3000000 people died in
    Bangladesh , and Bangladesh
    made their own name, not
    India .. At Gunday the
    concept was shown wrong at
    the beginning .. So not make
    history, say the truth and
    publish the truth…….
    so its a rubbish movie…

  24. Tamanna says:

    Worst movie ever.

  25. zobair alam says:

    it need to be banned

  26. Likhon says:

    It is made on false history.. Shame on this noughty movie for giving false information of the liberation war of bangladesh..

  27. tonmoy says:

    most rubbish movie i’ve ever seen. indians ain’t our friend, it’s again proved. hate it

  28. rabi says:

    They don’t make a movie,they raped our history,fucking b**tards Indians

  29. scraper arvin says:

    Ali Abbas grow up..you need to know the true history before make film..Pakistan rapped us on 1971 rapped our (BANGLADESH) History once again..
    A big slap on your face…

    As well as yrf..The Indians has proven they are not our friend at all
    F**k the India and F**k the YEF films

  30. ahad says:

    F**k gunday……

  31. Farhana says:

    grow up India. How many times u are gonna insult our liberation war through ur disgusting and rubbish films.this is not the first time i guess, they have shown similar attitude and fake htistory in previous. Just want to slap ali abbas.this film should be banned.

  32. Ferdous says:

    this is number one bitch flim by indin flims…what the hell did the producer !??
    I think he is really mad parson…what the f**k film is this & also f**k all actors…

  33. FH Rabby says:

    worst movie ever. i hate this.
    the war in 1971 is not ‘India Pakistan ‘ war it’s ‘The liberation war of Bangladesh ‘

  34. raju says:

    How cheap people could be!One of the leading director of India don’t have any idea or knowledge what happened in 1971, he may be went with some cheap gossip prevail in India.They expressed regret about ‘ hurting’ Bangladeshi people,but need also learn the history, read some books,and make the amends.

  35. Romel says:

    The film “Gunday” begins with narrator saying “Bangladesh was born out of Indo – Pak War of 1971!” WTH! How Did India Come to Equation? The War was between East and West Pakistan, India was only a sidekick who Was On Side Of Bangladesh. This is really pathetic manipulation of history. The worst movie one can ever see

  36. Abdullah says:

    I am glad that you angered the people of Bangladesh!!!! Now they will realize the shit that Bollywood really is!! Yashraj can die in hell! And I hope he takes an accurate history book with him so that he can enlighten his dumb-wits while he freaking burns!

  37. illiterate boy says:

    Hey Ali abbas have U lost your mind..do you have a brain I don’t think so…you shit showed our liberation history in a wrong way…request to all Bangladeshi please boycott this f**king movie and boycott every upcoming movie of this f**king director….and I want punishment for him…its a request of Bangladeshi to Indian government..

  38. Abdullah says:

    the writer & director should learn the history first of the liberation war of Bangladesh. Where everybody knows the history, they dont know it?!!! it’s punishable offense.
    they should apologize officially.

  39. Ali zaker says:

    These few facebook user r fool or nuts thy making hill out of moll.whole life they support pakistan at mir pur to chittagong suddenly new found love for their country has struck then aftr watching gunday movie lolz wht the hell u morons knw about 71 war since day one it was indo pak war created by Raw to disintegrate pakistan.the pakistani army has surrender to General arora of eastern command.one coror bangali has taken refuge in West bangal and its natural that those refugees turned to crimes for food and its a open secret. 71 hindu population of bangldesh was 23% which is now squeeze to mare 7% for this no Blogger or so calld facebook patriots coming forward.it was a war which was fought between india and pakistan ata the end pakistan loss thts the blody truth

  40. sabz says:

    F**k u and your bulshit film.if you can’t find good storyto write script then stop doing the film.but don’t mess up with my country’s history. ..you asshole

  41. samee says:

    India no matter no matter how much you try to insult our country we both know what you’ve got and what we’ve got. we all saw how filthy your life are in slamdog. Your film industry is in high because you r some perfect copy machine. We still have a better life than yours. just because your country is big doesn’t mean you r Almighty. you r always a pussy!

  42. Muhammad Zahid Osmani says:

    these Indian motherf**kers r so f**ked up. all they have are few naked whore n they pretend as they r hero. actually Indians r coward n all of the revolutions happened in this subcontinent lead by Bengalis. such a f**king piece of sh**t this movie is n its representing the f**king Indians.

  43. prince haq says:

    fake movie …. Indian mother f*****.very bad flim

  44. Syed Mehdi says:

    After reading the comments I will only hope that Director should be make a statement and asking for the apology ..

  45. farhana says:

    Its even hard to rate it 1/10…worthy of getting less than that…

  46. rafiqul mridha says:

    I hate this movie …..gunday ….f**k

  47. eva xain says:

    we hate this….

  48. eva xain says:

    f*** hate gunday

  49. tasnim prithwi says:

    Its a disgusting movie.may b the director was fully drunk when he was making this bullshit .
    Everything has a limit.u cant hurt our feelings like that.its not about f***ing ur item songs …its about our glorious history.

  50. jewel says:

    Indian film maker and flim release jury board should be shameful for their act.
    They can’t change one country’s history and represent a misleading information to the audience through the movie called Gunday.
    They must apologise for they act towards our people and our Country as well as be careful for the future.

  51. Nahian Akhtar says:

    OMG !!! Totally changed the history of Liberation War 1971.How could be possible?How dare !!!

  52. mk sky says:

    They just give wrong concept about our libaration war. They use as for commercial
    perpose. Hate it….

  53. Indian says:

    I don’t why people hate a country on the basis of a god dam$ stupid movie. It wasn’t the whole freakin nation that made the god darn f@$kin movie. This is unbelievable that due to a movie produced by a studio (not owned by the govt.). Can create such ruckus. The studio even accepted the mistake, it’s now the worst rated movie on the popular website IMDB but still we fight. You know what guys these fights have made the movie earn millions where as it shouldn’t had earned a single penny. So stop creating a huge issue out of this. And let’s MOVE On.

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